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    Sign-up today for Camp!

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  • Call now to schedule Therapeutic Riding Lessons.

    Call now to schedule Therapeutic Riding Lessons.

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  • Enrich your life with horseback riding lessons at King David Stables.

    Enrich your life with horseback riding lessons at King David Stables.

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Are you looking for a healthy, outdoors, family activity or a unique kids' attraction in the Jerusalem area?

King David Stables offers memorable adventures for all ages:

  • horse riding on trails though the hills
  • experienced English and Hebrew speaking guides
  • a romantic ride just for two followed by a relaxing, delicious wine and cheese picnic
  • pony rides for the youngest cowboys and cowgirls
  • wild-west style private party .

Do you want to give your children a hobby that is fun, physical and educational?

Our horse riding program includes riding lessons and horse care lessons as well as cowboy games such as archery and lasso. Our advanced horse riding program teaches natural horsemanship, games on horseback and barrel racing.

King David Stables Offers:

  • Riding Lessons
  • Therapeutic Riding
  • Camps
  • Activities
  • Boarding

lessons500The King David Stables riding school offers lessons for children and youth throughout the academic year. Lessons are given in a pleasant atmosphere under the direction of professional instructors. Lessons cover riding, horse care and grooming, basic veterinary science, horse training, archery, lasso throwing and more.

In addition to teaching about the world of horses these lessons:

  • instill sportsmanlike qualities
  • develop an affinity for animals
  • strengthen self-confidence
  • provide a source of pride
  • establish a sense of belonging to a place of unique and quality atmosphere

The program is adapted to each participant according to his/her age and riding ability. The younger children begin riding on ponies and progress gradually to larger horses.

Lessons are given in English and/or Hebrew.

Two options are available for lessons:

Private: 45 minute lesson, once a week; Group: 60 minute lesson, once a week in the appropriate group (depending on age and riding ability)

therapeutic500In 1952, the Danish rider Liz Hartel, normally confined to a wheelchair, won an Olympic riding medal in open competition. Since then, the awareness of therapeutic riding and its advantages has risen, and hundreds of therapeutic riding centers have been established throughout Europe and the United States.


The motion of the horse's walk stimulates the pelvis, hips and torso to move in a normal walking pattern and is a great tool for people learning to walk. Riding also improves posture and balance, muscle strength and eye-hand coordination. The motion and warmth of the horse's body relax spastic muscles and provide sensory input.

Horseback riding allows control and promotes independence and responsibility. It requires the rider to cope with situations that encourage the development of concentration, perseverance and problem solving. Identifying riding as a sport for "healthy" people is a source of pride for the riders and improves self-esteem and self-respect. Handicap riding competitions have been held in Israel over 15 years.
Additionally, riding allows the individual to develop a relationship with a responsive animal which accepts the rider without judgment. The horse reacts instinctively and therefore provides feedback about the rider's behaviour.

One of the most important elements of therapeutic riding is the riding itself. Every individual or parent of a child, with special needs knows that therapy can be difficult and unpleasant. Therapeutic riding instills joy and fun in a non-clinical environment. It often becomes a favorite hobby.

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Openings for instructors: Please call 057-7471681 or 057-7398866

campsummer500Our Summer and Pesach Equestrian Camps, for 6 to 15 year olds, are well known in the region. Besides their educational role, they give children an unforgettable experience. Our instructors led by Anthony, Gilad, Shoshi and Arik Lipschitz, specialize in coaching and training children in horseback riding as well as in interactive social games, creative workshops, and fun.

 Children and youth from around the world and Israel come to experience this unique riding camp.

Instructors are graduates of professional courses and advanced training abroad.

Pesach Camp: First Week School Vacation

Summer Camp: July and August, 2 week sessions

Camp Hours: Sunday thru Thursday 9:00 - 14:00 (pool days 9:00 - 15:00)

Overnight Camp

Enjoy an EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME by joining us for an overnight session at King David Stables
Spending 24/7 will give you the real life ranch experience as you TAKE Riding Lessons, GO on Trail Rides, LEARN Field Archery and Lassoing (from the ground and on horseback), PLAY Paintball and Polo, GAIN KNOWLEDGE (and hands on experience) in Basic Veterinary, First Aid (for horses), and Horse Training.

Ages: 12 and up

activities500King David Stables offers memorable adventures for all ages: horse riding on trails though the hills with experienced English and Hebrew speaking guides. A romantic ride just for two followed by a relaxing, delicious wine and cheese picnic. Pony rides for the youngest cowboys and cowgirls, even a wild-west style private party

contact500King David Stables offers boarding and training for privately owned horses with:

  • Professional care and accommodation
  • Permanent veterinarian supervision
  • Expert advice in all matters concerning horses
  • Breeding of fine Arabian horses
  • Focus on natural horsemanship
  • Foal imprint training begins as close to the time of birth as possible. The foal is taught to accept the human without fear, and is taught to accept all forms of handling from ears to hooves.
  • Imprint training, properly performed, will enhance a horse's relationship with humans making the foal, and later the horse, safer, quieter and easier to handle.